Lesson 1: Blogging

Starting very simple here for my first ever post! I am very excited about the possibilities for developing a blogfolio program in my district. I am thinking that I would like to collaborate with the Freshman Seminar teacher at my high school. She has four sections of 9th graders, which is most of that grade level of students. I am picturing that we will teach students how to use it, along with the prerequisite lessons on digital citizenship, etiquette, and privacy. Though I will wait to solicit the teacher’s ideas, I imagine we will have the students begin blogging about her first unit of instruction. I am fairly sure she uses the text, 7 Habits of Successful Teenagers, so we can incorporate reflective writing based on the readings. There is also a career unit and I think that have students blog about their considerations may help them clarify and fine tune their thinking. During that first marking period, they can also begin photographing work samples they are proud of. Once we have some content that shows the potential of the student blogs, possibly we’ll present at one of our faculty meetings and welcome participation from classroom teachers, showing examples of how blogging has been used in various content areas. I am looking forward to visiting the various blogs at Andrea Hernandaz’s school and the resources she’s adding to her own blog.

In the middle school our ELA department has embarked on a new writing program. The 7th grade teacher is very tech savvy and I am hoping she will consider the blog when designing assignments. At the middle school, there is a surge of teachers using google classroom. I am wondering if they will prefer to use blogging within the google platform. I will have to look into a comparison of google blogging with the recommended blogging tools we’ve come across in this CTFS lesson. I am leaning toward the Weebly blogging tool based on the recommendation of Paul Wagner in his article, “How to Start Blogging with Students”. I chose WordPress for the CTFS blog so I could learn 2 blogging tools.

Regarding the functionality of WordPress, I’m confused as to why, whenever I make a change to my home page and click the Update button, it generates a new tab and another copy of my home page. It seems like clicking the Update button should make that page close out so that I’m only seeing my original home page. I have to look into this. Should I close out of the Edit Post page once I’ve clicked the Update button and receive the message that my blog has been updated??? If I do that and go back to my original home page, I have to refresh it to view my changes. Is this the correct procedure?


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